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Brona: eUrotic TV Model

eUrotic TV Model Brona
eUrotic TV Model Brona

To say eUrotic Tv Model Brona is passionate about ETV is an understatement. Currently residing in Vancouver, Canada, Brona never misses a ETV shows. Even if it often means a 5:00am start time on the West Coast.

Brona had her first opportunity to get up close to the exciting world of Online TV in 1998 when she was selected as a Grid Girl for the Canadian Grand Prix. She hopes her next opportunity on the grid will be as an F1 Journalist.

When Brona isn’t performing she enjoys travelling the world and skiing on the neighbouring mountains in British Columbia. As a eUrotic TV enthusiast, it is no surprise that her travels to Europe always include a stopover in Monaco.

Brona is our Director of Sales. After graduating high school in the mid-60s, Brona hit the road out of Cleveland, Ohio, and never looked back. That first road took her to Rochester, New York, for a four-year educational stint at the University. When she left Rochester, it was with a sheepskin and a husband. As teachers with summers off, they traveled around the continent from Yellow Knife, Northwest Territories to Mexico. Then overcome by their sense of wanderlust, struck off for a year hitchhiking around Europe.

Toward the end of the 70s Brona found herself in the Nation’s Capitol still carrying the sheepskin, but not the husband. Her one-woman office thrived in historic Georgetown due to her quickly earned reputation for accuracy in transcriptions and impeccable editing skills. With clients ranging from Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead to Capital Hill lawyers to public radio broadcast transcriptions to symposia and conferences, she could still stop and write a job-winning resume for a low-budget college student.

In 1991 Brona again hit the road, filling her Nissan Sentra hatchback with cat carriers and clothes. This road led to Southern California, where it paused, for now, in the shadow of the Channel Islands. Not one to take inactivity for an option, she was soon working as a video production assistant on her way to script writing.

In between scripts, she continued to do her superlative transcriptions for old Washington clients and local police departments. Weekends and vacations have taken her over the byways of California and the Baja peninsula in cars, trucks and on a BMW K100RS. Brona now drives a 1999 Mazda Miata with the top down all the time!