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Evah: eUrotic TV Model

eUrotic TV Model Evah
eUrotic TV Model Evah

Evah has been on and around TV performance since the ’90’s when he got his first summer job out of high school working in a hotel. That is where she swapped his ’32 Ford roadster for a friend’s ’47 hand shift Indian and found he didn’t want to get off again. Since then, she’s spent his life in and around all things technical, including riding, rodding and writing about motorcycles.

Venus and Mars, aka Jessica Levy and Roger Kwapich, are renaissance technicians. From the wrench to the classroom, from the boardroom to the airwaves, they do it all. Through their editorial contributions to the Car Care Council they address the different automotive needs of male and female motorists and encourage them to become better maintainers of their vehicles.

Evah  has been a member of the PPG Pace Car Team for two years. The Pace Car Team is an all-woman team composed of fourteen race drivers who have earned recognition in various forms of auto racing. A place on the Pace Car Team is a great honor, one which Joanne richly deserves.

Evah began racing with the Porsche Club in 1990. She competed successfully in her Porsche 911 with the Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing series in 1991. In 1992, Evah started racing with the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) in the Rocky Mountain Division.

She finished on the podium in all races entered during her rookie year, winning the 1992 SCCA Regional Enduro in class and finishing 3rd in the ITA Regional Championships. Last season, Joanne finished 2nd in the SSC Regional Championships.

Career & Education: Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Evah has earned a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from UCB, and a Masters Degree in Science from the University of Denver. Joanne now resides in Boulder, Colorado. She is on the faculty of the University of Colorado in Boulder, and manages an international space instrument program for NASA.

Aside from racing, Joanne enjoys skiing, snowboarding and karting.