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Karrys: eUrotic TV Model

eUrotic TV Model karrys
eUrotic TV Model karrys

Karry is a freelance television reporter currently working for eUrotic TV  Network on the shows “Bike Week” and “Motorcyclist.” In 1998, she became the first woman to announce NHRA Drag Racing live for TNN Motorsports, and has pit reported for NASCAR Winston West, and Busch North. Her clients include TNN, ESPN 2, Speedvision, Paramount, and Fox Sports.
Karry has covered international events in Japan, Brazil, England and France, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, CART, NASCAR, off-road events, and most recently the World Land Speed Attempt.

Karry’s interest in astrology has been a life-long study, which culminated in a radio show — “Star Lady” — in 1989. She conducted lectures at colleges and universities; doing guest appearances on local radio shows throughout the country until 1995.

Karry’s lectures focused on the career decisions of individuals based on the natural abilities found in their charts. With the demands of a growing television career, her astrological teaching has been put on hold until this writing.

Karry teaches motorcycle safety in Southern New Jersey and spends most of her free time on two wheels. She comes from a family which eats, sleeps, breaths and speaks of nothing but motorcycles.

Karry’s two great passions, writing and riding, allow her to share the exhilarating sport of motorcycling with both participating and prospective members. These include her own daughter, who at the age of three, taught the neighborhood kids to “ease out the clutch” and gave the location of the local cycle dealership as her home address.

On an incessant mission to spread the word and share her motorcycle addiction, Karry finds an endless supply of inspiration and support in her family, friends and fellow motorcyclists.