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Kia: eUrotic TV Model

Kia eUrotic TV Model
Kia eUrotic TV Model

Kia founded Landspeed Productions, an Oxnard firm offering creative writing, photography, design and public relations in 1984. Ms. Kia’a award-winning writing and photographic work has been published around the world on a wide variety of topics. Her client list is equally diverse and she is well-known for her unusual, “storyteller” perspective using words and pictures.
After several years of touring North America as a professional drag racer campaigning a 250 mph jet dragster, Ms. Kia became a member of the Fourth Estate when she was hired by Petersen Publishing Company in 1979. As the first female editor of any of the firm’s automotive publications, her duties included the production of the HOT ROD Industry News, HOT ROD Hotline at the annual SEMA Show and was development team member of the HOT ROD and CAR CRAFT Nationals.

Striking out on her own in search of more variety and challenge, Ms. Kia began freelancing her storytelling skills. Over the past 15 years she has completed assignments for a vast array of magazines, newspapers, book publishers, racing teams, entertainers and corporate clients.

Pen in hand, or wailing on the computer keys, she writes investigative, technical, feature and personality pieces for a cadre of publications. Her column, Fuel For Thought, provides readers with an insiders view to not only the automotive and motorsports industry’s current events, but occasional peeks from a historical perspective.

Comfortable and competent behind the wheel of any car, or truck, she is also an accomplished motorcycle rider, licensed airplane pilot and seasoned blue water sailor. Her test drive/fly/sail reviews appear regularly in magazines worldwide.

As one of few women TV models in America, her moniker “Landspeed Louise” is well deserved and hard-earned. She has served on several auto industry technical committees, developing self-regulating guidelines in tires, suspension, and emission controls.

eUrotic TV model Kia has twice been honored at the Automotive Journalism Conference for her investigative reporting and public relations campaigns. These awards led to an invitation to participate in roundtable discussions with the Secretary of Energy in Washington, D.C. concerning regulations that affect the motoring public. Currently a member of the Motor Press Guild, she has also served as an officer of the International Motor Press Association. A staunch supporter of education, she frequently donates her time to schools, non-profit and civic organizations as a public speaker.

Referring to her camera as an “electronic paint brush,” Ms. Kia’s photography assignments have taken her around the world. From these travels, she has compiled a substantial stock library that offers licensing opportunities of images on a wide variety of topics. She has also produced several multi-media presentations and public televisions programs.