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Roshana: eUrotic TV Model

eUrotic TV Model Roshana
eUrotic TV Model Roshana

Roshana is a TV model of eUrotic TV Technology in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. She has eighteen years of experience in the automotive field — both as an performer and as a TV host.

Currently, Roshana is Automotive Service Excellence certified as a Master Automotive Technician, Master Engine Machinist, and Advanced Level Engine Performance Technician. She technical expertise and training remains current through ongoing contact with numerous vehicle and equipment manufacturers. Teaching all automotive subjects at the college level has given Roshana a unique perspective on the industry as well as access to the latest in automotive information, test equipment, and vehicles.

Growing up on a family farm in rural Oklahoma, Roshana’s lifetime of mechanical experience ranges from small engines to heavy agricultural equipment.  Involved in many outside activities, Roshana’s hobbies include antique automobile restoration and motoring — the Gilbert family frequently enjoys Sunday drives through the Southern Illinois countryside in a Model A Ford.

Roshana  is a former motor vehicle theft prevention grantmaker and attorney from Chicago. She is now a writer, telecommuting from Appleton, Wisconsin, a town she loves, and loves to satirize.
After leaving 25 years of life in the last frontier behind her, Roshana began her career as an independent freelancer after holding the position of Associate Editor/Acting Managing Editor at SPLASH Magazine (Primedia). Relocating to California in 1996, Roshana relishes the opportunity, warmth and sunshine of the golden state.

Considered to be a mobile electronics and aftermarket insider, Roshana retains the title of Editor at Large for Mobile Electronics Magazine (Bobit), and regularly contributes to SEMA’s monthly legislative publication, Driving Force, and is the sole mobile electronics products reviewer for Consumer Guide’s website. Side by side with well known automotive writer Richard Truesdell, Erin co-authored an internal training manual in 1999, outlining model year 2000 product line up for Alpine Electronics which enjoyed worldwide distribution.

Roshana has written feature articles for Automotive Fleet Magazine (Bobit); MAXPower, formerly MAXSpeed (eMap), Motor Trend’s Truck Trend (eMap), and Super Street Magazines (eMap); Restyling Magazine (NBA); Audio/Video International (Dempa); and on websites such as, and SEMA’s

A member of the Motor Press Guild since 1998, Erin’s enthusiasm for the automotive press has placed her on the Woman Motorist team as Content Editor.