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Tiara: eUrotic TV Model

eUroitc TV Model Tiara
eUroitc TV Model Tiara

The daughter of a retired Ford welder, Tiara grew up in a money-wise Italian family learning how to change her own oil and tune up her parents’ and boyfriends’ cars.

Tiara became an auto writer about 20 years ago, when she found out she knew more about cars than most men just by listening to them speak.

Her syndicated columns on the car business have appeared in hundreds of newspapers from Alaska to Florida.

Besides writing for eUrotic TV Blog , Tiara also is a columnist and senior editor of Avanti NewsFeatures, a newspaper syndicate.

A boater and animal-rights activist, Tiara loves snowmobiling in Northern Michigan whenever she gets the chance. She lives in the Detroit suburb of Warren with her husband, two little girls and their dogs, but frequently commutes to Houghton Lake and Traverse City, Mich., for fun.

ETV Model Tiara  is a self-described “car nerd.” “I love everything about cars,” she says. “Driving them, talking about them, sitting in them, looking at them, you name it. If it’s got wheels and an engine, I’m there.” Having heard several warnings about the dangers of mixing career and hobby, Tiara took an internship as an editorial assistant for the British magazine “What Car?” After six months of complete automotive immersion, she was more in love than ever.

Four years later, having relocated to Los Angeles from her home state of New York, started a family, and established a moderately respectable career, Tiara has decided to throw the whole lot into turmoil by getting back into the auto-writing biz. Cheering her on are her husband Luke  — a full-time dad, certified personal trainer, and striving actor– and son Robert who, at two years old, can already double-clutch his kiddy car.

Tiara’s other interests include computers, photography, and movies (“I married Leonard Maltin”). She keeps a pair of 1969 Dodge Polaras sitting around, just because she can, and her secret automotive wish is that Citroen will once again start importing cars to the United States. Tiara will be contributing new car previews and comparison tests to eUrotic TV Blogspot.