eUrotic TV online live resource center

Welcome to eUrotic TV online live center. Many people say they watch Eurotic TV only for it’s models. eUrotic TV models are persons that are employed to entertain TV watchers or to display, advertise and promote commercial products (notably sms chats or paid phone calls) or to  serve as a subject of work of art. Eurotic TV models are  TV presenters or TV hosts that introduce or host television programmes that double as an actor, model.

The names of eUrotic TV models vary for Tia, Gia, Lia to Sabrina. There are many eUrotic TV models but a few ones are very popular, for instance, eUrotic TV Sabrina, eUrotic TV Gia, eUrotic TV Astra,  eUrotic TV Alexa or eUrotic TV Lace.

Your chemistry with eUrotic TV models

Ask any viewer of eUrotic TV about the models on the show and they just can’t stop themselves from raving about them. Yes, they are hot, nice and desirable and some of the most beautiful women on earth.  Pleasing and sensual as they are, eUrotic TV models are mostly young and attractive  girls and sometimes glamour models or eurotic stars too, often talking unscripted to the viewers and responding to viewer’s requests and text messages onscreen.


Popular models on the current shows are Gia, Kate, Anna, Joanna, Claudia and many more.

Is your ‘best friend’ eUrotic TV model your friend only?

On screen-chemistry, yes, but can you expect to share a rapport with a eUrotic TV model offline? A question that many callers and viewers tend to ask, this is no less a dangerous proposition and here comes the reasons for it.

Like every babe and chat show on the TV, eUrotic TV has also 2 groups of viewers and callers – those who convey their requests and wishes via phone and sms and those who would like to get really close to the eUrotic TV models. This happens mostly with people who mistakenly assume their favorite model to be their ‘best friend’ and feel that they deserve to meet her and greet her personally. But is this feasible? Well, no. The damsel who you think is your “best friend” is actually a paid presenter in the TV channel, who will respond to your requests as much as she will to the next caller in line. If that sounds distressing to you, let it be, since this is the truth that you must accept. “Stalking” a model is never recommended.

“Hot” models and “Soft” models

If you are an avid eUrotic TV viewer, you must have heard about the “hot” and “soft” models on the show. As their names state, their difference lies in the amount of skin show they indulge in, as per the requests streaming in from the viewers. As far as eUrotic TV models go, both categories of models are present in the show, with a 3rd category of “warm” models too, who have managed to find a comfortable place among the two.

A popular channel as it is, eUrotic TV’s roster has been witness to an ever-increasing number of “soft” models, who excite the viewers true, but not in an aggressive or vulgar manner. Day chat shows in the category are more their niche platform.

EUrotic TV models greatly vary in their presentation capacities. While some would try every kind of conversation to keep you holding onto the phone, some models are really nice talking to, with intelligent minds and good conversation prowess. Real-life interaction is however not possible and all viewers are discouraged to try such things out as these callers are restricted by terms and conditions of their job and they cannot make viewer contact outside live TV calls.

Every caller and viewer of eUrotic TV must therefore try and enjoy the essence of the show without behaving like a distressed lover, if a “broken heart syndrome” is not desired.

eUrotic TV has many models, most popular of which are Allegra, Bianka, Blondy, Silvet, Slaveya, Dior, Dorian, Eleonora,  Jaya, Kaleya, Lin, Megita, Samantha, Cleo, Kiara, Lolita, Tia.